What is Medical Grade Skin Care?

What is Medical Grade Skin Care?

With full lockdown currently in place for a while yet, it does not mean Skin Happy stops or that your skin care routine or my help goes out the window. DURING LOCK DOWN SKIN HAPPY CONTINUES TO WORK VIA OUR ONLINE PLATFORMS:

  • ONLINE SHOP for purchasing ‘At Home products and Kits.’
  • FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM for information on our treatments along with all the latest up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 re-opening dates.
  • VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS have already re-commenced (and will be free during lockdown until 15th Feb). To discuss new treatment options or how you can start a new skin care routine.


As we start 2021, we are pleased to formally announce the introduction of our new medical grade skin care products and in-clinic services from Alumier MD. Medical grade skin care works wonders for problematic skin, maintains good youthful skin, and slows the onset of ageing skin.

Skin Happy only invests in clinically proven and medical grade equipment and products that work and at the tail end of last we teamed up with Alumier MD.

Alumier MD are an award-winning medical grade skin care line, that believe in clean chemistry. They deliver corrective percentages (explained in the ‘Why’ below) of medical grade ingredients which allow us to target skin conditions all whilst maintaining elegant formulations. This means the products are not only corrective but pleasant to use. They also provide a comprehensive chemical peel portfolio which Skin Happy can use to hyper customise protocols to suit your skin type and condition during in clinic treatment.


Free from parabens, sulphates, dyes, artificial fragrancies and over 1500 other ingredients purposely excluded, Alumier MD use clean chemistry to produce corrective formulas to restore health and improve the appearance of multifaceted skin conditions such as Rosacea, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Ageing skin and more.

Most products that can be bought off the shelf do not contain enough of these corrective/active ingredients to gain a true result. For example, they may have incredibly low percentages, less than 1% or an inactive ingredient. These products will struggle to achieve what they claim. Medical grade products have varying percentages and can have for example 5% or 15% of a corrective ingredient to achieve corrective results. Medical grade products need to be prescribed by a trained professional only. (That’s me! Tina at Skin Happy).

The results are amazing and can be life changing for clients with previously problematic skin. Skin Happy can provide medical grade skin care treatments in clinic as well as ‘At Home products and Kit’s’.

LOCKDOWN SELF-CARE During lockdown when in-clinic treatments are not available, we are delighted to announce we have ‘At Home kits’ available to purchase online after a consultation. You can either start your skin care routine or maintain and gain upon results you were achieving in clinic. We can advise on whole kits or 1 product to start with, whilst you finish what you are already using. You can purchase the additional product(s) when you are ready.

WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? If you really want to kick start your skin care off to a brighter, clearer year – book a consultation. We can set you up on the online portal (which is open 24/7). All your prescribed products will be there ready for you to purchase or top up whenever you choose.

ALUMIER MD INTRODUCTORY OFFER. We are launching a special introductory offer for the 1st 10 clients who pre-book an in-clinic Alumier MD treatment ready for when we re-open. keep checking our online platforms. Information on this, coming soon.

For any further information please email me at info@skinhappy.co.uk

Take Care


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