Rosacea Awareness

Rosacea Awareness

As April is Rosacea awareness month and most of us are still self-isolating, I thought I would cover some basic self-help things you can do at home if you suffer or think you may suffer from Rosacea.

Firstly, just to explain Rosacea (pronounced “roh-ZAY-sha”) is a chronic but treatable condition that primarily affects the central face (cheeks, nose, chin or forehead). It can develop at any age but typically begins any time after the age of 30 as flushing or redness. It may come and go lasting for at least 3 months and may become more persistent overtime. It is thought to be hereditary.

It is recommended to be diagnosed by your doctor who can also offer help with oral and topical antibiotics. They may prescribe you Soolantra® which is a cream with anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties for the bumps and blemishes of rosacea.

Signs, symptoms and characteristics:

Flushing, visible blood vessels, burning, stinging and an inflammatory reaction resembling acne – bumps/papules and pimples/pustules. Eyes may feel irritated and appear watery or bloodshot. In severe cases, the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue.

Self-help Tips:

  1. Keep a rosacea diary so that you can learn to spot what your triggers are and then avoid them. This diary should include all trigger factors from your environment, lifestyle and diet

Click here to print your rosacea diary.

  • Wear daily sunscreen SPF30 or SPF50. Sun exposure is a trigger for many people with rosacea so protection from the elements is key.
  • Apply a cooling gel. Can be soothing and cool on flushing, burning and inflamed skin.
  • Skin Care, Cosmetics and Hair Products. Ultimately, it’s about using products that do not sting or cause irritation.

Its best to use a minimal number of products that are alcohol, witch hazel and fragrance free.

Use products that have multi-functions and have been formulated for skin with rosacea or for sensitive skin.

Adopt a good consistent skin care routine. Being gentle with each step, cleanse and then rinse with lukewarm water and blot dry instead of rubbing dry. If a topical medication has been prescribed apply and leave 5 minutes before applying (preferably) a multi-function moisturiser with SPF.

Cosmetics with a green or yellow tint can be good to conceal/reduce the appearance of redness and bumps. Make up that is not waterproof is gentler on the skin when removing. Think about buying new makeup every 3 months to minimize potential contamination.

If you shave, an electric shaver causes less irritation than using a blade.

  • Research. Approved online websites can be extremely informative and helpful is a great one.
  • No makeup days. It’s always great to give your skin rest days. Try not wearing makeup on days that suit you. During these lockdown days spent at home, it is a perfect excuse not to wear any.

Try before you buy

For products to use on your skin it’s predominantly trial and error which can be costly. What suits one person may not be suitable for the next. This is true for everyone and not just those with rosacea.

At Skin Happy we are happy to offer you 5ml sample pots of our Light soothe (cooling gel) and Light Protect – SPF50. Get in touch if you would like to trial them. ( During lockdown I can arrange delivery within the Linlithgow area.

Further information on rosacea

Good luck with looking after your rosacea and please do let me know if this was useful to you and how you get on.

Take care.


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