Laser Hair Removal

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal For ALL Skin Types

Laser hair removal remains one of the most in-demand aesthetic procedures in the UK with increasing requirements for speed, versatility and ‘pain-free’ treatments.

The Initia by Asirox is one of the most exciting developments in ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal technology.

It has been designed specifically to deliver these key features, enabling quick, safe, ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal treatments, on all skin types.

We only use the best equipment possible to treat our clients, ensuring the safest and most clinically effective treatments possible.

A huge factor in ‘feeling the difference’ of the INITIA diode laser stems from:

  • The revolutionary IceTip™ contact-cooling handpiece; a technology which offers superior safety and epidermal protection. Reaching -8°C in temperature. The IceTip™ Technology continuously cools the skin during treatment, dramatically reducing discomfort and aiding the ‘Pain-Free’ mode.
  • This market-leading technology allows Skin Happy to use higher powers than traditional diode lasers which aids in achieve superior clinical results.

Laser hair removal can be quite uncomfortable but our initia diode technology helps overcome the uncomfortable aspect of this treatment

At Skin Happy we have received comprehensive theory and practical based training by the UK’s No.1 supplier & manufacturer: Lynton Lasers Ltd.

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Initia Diode Laser with Sub-Zero IceTip™ by Asirox®