All about the brows!

All about the brows!

All about the brows!


Did you know that you can remove semi-permanent or permanent eyebrow tattoos using Laser Tattoo Removal?

You don’t need to settle for “unloved or bad brows”

Laser tattoo removal is a simple, incredibly effective and safe procedure.

It’s not always common knowledge but most people who have had their eyebrows done before will also know that when they want to change the style or get new ones, they need to remove the old ink that remains first.

Like body tattoos, the demand to have cosmetic eyebrows is incredibly high and increasing daily, however with this popularity comes many bad decisions, regrets or they find the end results are simply not as they were expecting. (Buy cheap, cry twice as hard and buy tattoo removal!).

When cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are applied correctly by a professional (aka Lisa Ritchie Bespoke Permanent makeup artist) they can look amazing and can really help frame your face. Unfortunately, not everyone is as good as Lisa and when they are applied incorrectly it can be devastating for the individual; this is where Skin Happy can help!

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Cosmetic v Permanent tattoo removal

The main differences between cosmetic tattooing and traditional body tattoos are the techniques and types of ink used. Cosmetic tattoos are much easier to lift because the ink is not placed as deep into the skin.

How does it work?

The laser light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing rapid thermal expansion and an audible shock wave that shatters the ink into smaller pieces all without burning or damaging the upper layer of skin.

It is then possible for the smaller pieces of ink to be absorbed by your body’s natural immune defences disposing of the ink gradually over time. Visually, we see the tattoo fading over a series of treatments.

Will I lose my eyebrow hair? 

Any hair loss resulting from laser tattoo removal treatment is minimal, possibly one or two hairs. Your eyebrow hair may discolour slightly because the laser can remove the pigment; it is perfectly natural, not permanent and will regrow back to its natural colour usually in 4-6 weeks.

What should I expect after treatment? 

General erythema/general redness with some slight swelling is most common on the treated area but this is temporary and usually disappears by the time the client is leaving the clinic.

Occasionally some pinpoint bleeding occurs and may appear to be bruised with a grey or purple colour after treatment. This discoloration will usually fade during the next 1-5 days.

However if you use the given samples of Light Soothe (a fantastic calming serum) and sunscreen on the treated area this will aid in reducing the down time.

Will the ink change colour? 

Yes. The semi-permanent or permanent ink can fade down and/or change colour.

This can happen because it is common for cosmetic tattoo ink to contain iron. When it is treated with a laser, it oxidizes, turning the tattoo to a greyish or rusty brownish colour. Subsequent treatments will eventually remove the tattoo.

How many treatments do I need?

It’s hard to predict exactly as it depends on the type of pigment used and how it interacts with your skin. The compounds used in cosmetic tattoos do not have the same staying power as regular tattoos.

In most cases 2-5 treatments are enough to fade semi-permanent tattoos or for complete removal this can be around 8 treatments.

For permanent eyebrow tattoo removal it can be 5-8+ treatments.

Treatment intervals are spaced at a minimum of 8 weeks apart.

How long does treatment take?

It’s very quick and only takes a few minutes per eyebrow.

Does it hurt?

Some clients describe the sensation a bit like a flick of an elastic band. Most clients tolerate the treatment very well and comment that it was nothing compared to getting a body tattoo.

If you want your unloved or bad brows removed an ‘In-clinic tattoo consultation’ can be booked via the book now button on the website.

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