An organic compound with excellent water-retaining ability to promote hydration and surface temperature reduction


Soothing and itch-relieving agent providing local aesthetic effects


A powerful humectant sourced from British grown rapeseed oil to hydrate the skin and reduce irritation


Vitamin E. Provides antioxidant benefits to speed skin recovery


A mild fruit acid used as a pH adjuster to be compatible with the skin’s own protective barrier


Skin protectant with barrier enhancing properties and moisture lock benefits


An anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent


15ml, 50ml

1 review for Light Soothe Serum

  1. Tina

    Thank you for the quick delivery. The light soothe is helping to relieve my dry hands. I will be purchasing again soon. Sam.

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Light Soothe Serum

by admin

Advanced Post-Laser & IPL Serum

A unique soothing formula for post laser/IPL treated skin, helping moisturise and calm irritation whilst promoting faster skin recovery:

  • Reduces redness
  • Cools & soothes irritation
  • Stimulates cell regeneration for faster skin recovery
  • Antibacterial
  • Moisturising

‘I used this during my laser treatment and I now use it after I have been in the sun, it’s a really great hydrating and soothing product’

‘Great for my lip and chin treatment, took the redness out of my skin. As advised, I also use it on my hands because of its hydrating and antibacterial effects it stops my hands from getting dry and cracked from my frequent hand washing during work’


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